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Erin Tonkon


Erin TonkON

Producer Engineer Mixer  

  Erin Tonkon is a true twenty first century producer at the intersection of the legacy of rock & roll and the future of modern music. Erin believes that technology should expand musical possibility, not degenerate musicianship and skill. As an engineer and producer, Erin Tonkon helps artists to find their strengths in the studio by drawing upon her experience with some of rock music's legends. She creates sounds that have all the visceral rawness of classic rock, only with a twist-- expertise and immersion in new technology. 

   Because Erin Tonkon’s music industry experience extends beyond the studio walls, so does her value to artists. Erin has worked in radio, marketing, music video, live sound, and artist development. Artists benefit from Erin’s holistic experience and see her as a true connector in the industry. Erin’s technical proficiency, attentive personality, and dedication to producing exceptional and music make her both valuable and enjoyable to work with.

  The challenge for producers and recording engineers is to convince artists that recording with them is worth their time and money in an age where musicians increasingly take the DIY route. Erin’s solution is what she brings to the table:

1. Experience and skill. Erin’s engineering expertise and the artist’s musical expertise complement each other In the studio.

2. Resources and knowledge. Erin’s work with legendary producers and musicians brings to her sessions the wisdom of the greats and connections to powerful professionals.

3. Client Satisfaction. Erin has developed and maintained strong relationships with the artists she works with which are illustrated by meaningful testimonials. 

Photographer: Meg Skaff

Studio: 510, Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music